Create your own reality and truly live a liberated life,

by aligning who you are at a Soul level

The Akashic records are an energetic data-base that stores all information of all choices ever made, all the way back to the first incarnation.

It stores who you are at Soul level, what Divine Gifts you have, your life lessons and how this can be expressed in the physical. Every Soul has their very own unique record.

We create our experiences through choice; we have all been given free will. Each choice will create a consequence. This is karma. Karma is not wiped out just by transitioning out of this lifetime.

“Bring the balloons and popcorn! This was, without any doubt, THE BEST thing I have read for a LOOONG time! This could be my parents talking to me or someone who knew me VERY well (better than myself 🙂 ). Cannot tell how much I appreciate this! Awesome!” 




A Soul Realignment™ reading will make conscious what is unconscious. By clearing negative choices and restrictions and then taking new action you will be able to powerfully change what will show up in your life.

  • Discover your unique Soul gifts, the key to finding your Soul Purpose
  • Learn how past choices are shaping your current experience
  • Clear the choices not in alignment with your Divinity and enjoy the life you truly desire
  • Discover greater freedom, passion, joy, trust and energy

If you are feeling stuck despite having tried EVERYTHING to create abundance in your life, then it is time for a Soul Realignment™ Reading.

“I had a soul reading and clearing with Shivany and it was profound and amazing! She told me things that resonated so deeply within me and made sense of things I was experiencing. The soul clearing I am now going through and have started my clearing statement. I will say I had the best sleep after talking to Shivany and receiving the soul clearing. I am so happy to have found her! I plan to be back!” 

-Uma B.



As an advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner I am here to assist you in realigning to your Divine Soul Blueprint and in reclaiming your power as a Divine Being, so you can create the life you love.

Oh my Goodness! I am totally amazed! This resonates with me so much. Thank you! Highly Highly recommend!”




The clearing work that I facilitate is multi dimensional and will enable you to release lifetimes of limitation, disempowerment and lack of any kind.

Investment option:

$497 (USD) for complete Soul Realignment™ including Clearing


Akashic Record Reading


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