“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom”

If your life isn’t what you dream it could be…

And you have a nagging, sometimes painful sense that you’re meant for more…

Let’s just get to bottom of that today.

And start turning your pain into power, so you can have a powerfully awesome life!

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you had a hard time growing up. Maybe you felt like the black sheep of the family or you never really fit in anywhere. You might have always worried there was something wrong with you.

And now the world sometimes seems too hard and cold.

I get it! And here’s what I know…

You have a wound you’re carrying around, and it hurts. But there’s good news!

All the suffering you’ve gone through has had a purpose. It’s given you everything you need to be a natural leader and a natural healer. You don’t fit into this world because you’re here to help create a better one!

But there’s a step you have to take before you can do that. In order to be successful in any area of your life or make a difference for others, you have to clear out all the shit you’re still carrying around from your past.

Now, maybe you’ve heard that forgiveness is the key to dissolving your past and claiming your freedom and your power.

And that’s true…but…

I know so many people who have done tons of forgiveness work around their parents, abusers, people who have betrayed them, etc. They think that they’ve forgiven and gotten past the past. But then, every time they think of those people and experiences, waves of anger, hurt, and pain rise up again.

And then they wonder why forgiveness isn’t changing their life the way it’s supposed to.

Well, here’s the reason: Most people are confused about the difference between forgiveness and compassion.

Compassion comes first. And a lot of people think they’ve forgiven when they’re actually in a state of compassion.

Compassion is, “I understand.” It means: I get why this person did that thing that felt so hurtful. I understand why my mom treated me that way. I understand why my dad was so hard on me. I understand the pain and compulsions they were grappling with.

That’s a really good place to be, and many people who were abused or neglected or abandoned in childhood never make it to compassion.

But forgiveness?

True forgiveness is, “it doesn’t hurt anymore—at all, ever!”

And no matter what you’ve been through, it IS possible to get there.

I know.

When I was growing up, I was told every day that I will never amount to anything, that I am crazy and lazy.  I was also told that I should be grateful if a potential partner as much as looks at me, that I am B graded goods. Now I have NOT been physically abused, however this abuse went very deep And I believed that I was worthless.

30 years ago, to heal from all that, I did a lot of spiritual and psychological work. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. And I knew that I couldn’t heal through the mind.

I’m now the living proof that no matter what you’ve been through, you can begin again. Today, I can literally think about what I went through and just feel neutral. I’m not numb, I’m just through the pain.

And I know this for sure: It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what you’ve gone through; there is nothing wrong with you! The only thing wrong is that you think something is wrong with you.

You’ve been programmed to believe that there is something wrong with you, and with that subconscious programming going on in the back of your mind,  you’ll never reach true forgiveness and with it your Divine expression.

Affirmations won’t get you there, and neither will talk therapy.

See, it’s in your head, but it’s not a head thing.

It’s a cellular memory. And to move beyond that requires a special kind of journey.

It’s the journey I took that enables me to look back today on my mother trying to consistently shame me in front of my friends telling everybody what a two faced bitch I am. Or when she told me that if she would have known beforehand that she has a daughter like me, she would have aborted me.

It’s something that happened, and it helped shape me into the compassionate, empathetic leader that I am today. But I wouldn’t be able to embody that, or to connect with you like this right now, if I hadn’t gone from compassion to forgiveness to self love.

I want to help you take the same journey—the journey to true forgiveness

and self love that removes all your past pain and unleashes the magnificent

Soul that is hiding within you.

That’s why I am offering you a free “connect with your Soul’s calling” strategy session to help you take the first step.

Become truly free from all that hurt…only then you will know and have the courage to step into who you truly are.

And have the confidence and wherewithal to:

  • Live authentically
  • Build unshakeable confidence to be, do and have what you want
  • Get started or on track with your own Soul’s calling, your gift that is waiting to find expression

Sound good? Make 2017 the year where you step up and let your light shine.

Listen to your heart, let go of the excuses and join me

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