Have you ever had a new idea or inspiration? To write a book, start a business, leave a job, create more joy and abundance in your life?

I think we’ve all been there. We think to ourselves: “This is IT. I have found my Soul’s highest path!! THIS is part of my Divine purpose.”

Our new-found inspiration is all we think about. We feel invigorated, excited, confident and on track.

And then…after a few days or weeks…the inspiration wanes, we are questioning whether it was such a good idea after all….and you do nothing.

What happens is that the ego comes in. Or the spiritual ego sets in.

egoThere’s a few things we must understand about our ego.

First of all, there’s nothing “wrong” with our ego. This is part of our personality without we couldn’t live our life here on the planet. We all need the mental aspect of ourselves to act as an intermediary between our soul and our body.

But we also must acknowledge that the primary directive of the ego is to get us to death as safely as possible. Our ego will always, always, always strive to keep us “safe.”

For this reason, our ego has a great need to be right, most especially about itself. And so, when the ego encounters an idea that although really exciting at first, it will create fear, it perceives your new endeavor as massively dangerous. Your Soul wants to s –t –r –e-t-c-h and grow and experience itself in new joyful ways, and it is the voice of the ego that creates doubt, fear, procrastination, which results that we stay with the status quo. The voice of the ego will always sound oh so very reasonable.

The journey for all of us is to integrate the ego with our Soul. To make it an alley rather than an enemy.

Again, this is how the ego works for ALL of us. The Spiritual ego on the other hand is the voice of “I don’t need any help”, or “My view is right” or you wear the mask of excessive positivity. You might have read many spiritual books but are intellectualizing rather than LIVING it.

Of course, who we think we are at the level of ego may be MILES away from who we actually are, at Soul-level. Your overall level of joy, peace and abundance will give you an idea of just how aligned you are as a human being to your spiritual identity.


Our Soul doesn’t actually care how unsafe or uncomfortable we feel. After all, it’s had lots of lifetimes in
the past and will, no doubt, have quite a few more in its future. The Soul only cares about expressing itself into this human experience. What happens next is that all the negative belief patterns that we have accumulated since childhood and are not integrated will come up.

But the Soul can’t interfere with our free will. And free will happens to reside at the level of ego while we’re human.

Your ego will practically yell at you. “Who do you think you are”? “I will be left destitute”, “I am not good enough”, “I can’t afford it”. The ego also likes immediate gratification. We want to have a plan that is fool proof. We want to get our hands on the users manual.

The Soul, on the other hand, is merely suggestive and comes as an Inspiration. You are inspired. And it gives you no reason or rationalization whatsoever as to why you should act on its guidance. It will only just give you the first step.

The Soul will nonchalantly murmur “Do this now.” That’s it. And usually, whatever the Soul is suggesting makes us hugely uncomfortable after the initial excitement.

No wonder we’re more inclined to listen to our ego’s need for self-affirmation than our Soul’s desire for self-expression. And really, there’s nothing wrong with following ego-inspired desire … IF we want to keep our lives the same and stay exactly where we are.

But the path into greater purpose, abundance, and accelerated manifesting is ALWAYS through our Soul’s self-expression.

The Soul’s whispers are persistent. That subtle nudge, the inspiration you’ve had for years, maybe even decades … THAT is your Soul’s calling.

To the incredible joy of being you!


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