It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”


I just wrapped up with one of my favorite clients of all time. In one year, she healed her Chronic Fatigue and she created a very successful 6-figure business, teaching meditation and mindfulness to corporate clients. She is now doing her Soul’s calling!

It all started with changing her relationship with money and her relationship to herself. She now knows she is worthy of all the good things coming into her life.

As we reflected on the last year, we noticed that “problems” that cropped up (and felt really upsetting in the moment) turned out to be good things.strong-woman

I’ve seen this again and again over the years: that a crisis that looks like a disaster, turns into the very opportunity you’ve been waiting for and asking for.

In fact the worst thing that happens can be the most valuable event of our lives.

Here’s a specific example:

One of the women I’ve accepted in the last year cured herself of Chronic Anxiety and Panic Attacks holistically after not getting relief from conventional medicine. She’s even written a book about the connections she discovered between anxiety and childhood trauma, and she shares her path of inner healing and lifestyle changes for full recovery.

Wow! Can you imagine how many people need her message?

That’s why I find it useful to experiment with re-interpreting events:

  • What if it’s not happening to you, but is happening for you?
  • What do you need to learn here, to release this struggle?
  • What becomes possible when you let go of fear?

When you try looking at the situation from this different perspective, you’ll often find the benefits and opportunities faster.


Imagine you’re a surfer. What do we know about surfers? They LOVE big waves. Learn to ride the waves.

If you are ready to surf the big waves, the waves that lead to prosperity, to doing your Soul’s calling, book yourself in for a strategy session.

I have only a few spots left for women that are ready to live the life they are meant to.

Here’s to the joy of being YOU









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