Shivany has been described by thousands of happy international clients as somebody who “transforms your energy”, creating a lasting change in your life.

What makes her unique and effective as a course leader and in one-to-one sessions is that she combines her clarity with deep intuition and compassion. Her consummate skill in identifying core blocks and dysfunctional patterns results from having freed herself of limiting beliefs.

Through accessing her spiritual connection and wisdom she is able to effortlessly straddle two worlds, exhibiting a profound understanding of one’s inner and outer life. If we leave the outside world alone for a while and concentrate on our inner world, our outer world will reflect any internal shift we make.


My healing journey started in 1989 when I discovered Yoga and decided to live and study in India at renowned institutions and ashrams. In the early 1990’s I returned to Australia and a visit from my parents, where once again I started to resort back to being anxious and having panic attacks, resulted in deep questioning (I thought back then that moving from my birth country in Germany to literally to the other end of the planet would give me the peace and love that I desired but I had to learn that I take myself with me wherever I am.) This led to a profound commitment to reclaim my health, to heal my relationship with myself and that with my parents and all other relationships.

I embarked on a powerful quest to understand who I am and what am I here to do with special interest in the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection, which resulted in 28 years of professional training in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breath Work, Energetic Medicine, Counseling, Life Coaching, Pilates, BAUD Technology and Soul Realignment (Akashic Record Reading) with undergoing over 300 sessions myself. 

I now know without doubt that our essence is that of radiant health, love, joy and connectedness which is readily available to all who are willing to confront their inner demons of denial, fear and lack of self love.

It is my biggest pleasure and passion to assist and guide women on transforming their lives to one of true wellness, health, connectedness and joy.

I am holding a sacred space where miracles and breakthroughs take place leaving women empowered, heart connected and reclaiming life without anxiety.

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