Monica, Public Servant, Cairns

All I can say is that since that last session with you I have definitely been in a very different space. I seem to have really shifted from ‘form’ to spirit, from ego to love. I feel quite clear and relaxed overall……I seem to have a much sharper radar for negative thoughts or feelings going on within me now. I acknowledge them, let them be, allow them to move through me. I am also aware of a real sense of detachment going on, I’m just not getting affected or impacted by external things anywhere near that I used to, be they people, events or circumstances. The irony is that while I am detached, I am experiencing a much greater level of connection with and compassion towards others. Its like I actually feel more, but am not at all disturbed by anything I see, hear or experience (whereas my pattern was always to be over-sensitive and constantly drained by others and circumstances), I am also very aware of where I am putting my energy. Mostly when encountering negative situations or with difficult people I am just not giving out the energy that I once did. I’m also putting much more energy into feeding my soul so to speak-eating well, going for walks, listening to lovely music, watching a movie, immersing myself in nature…..all the sorts of things that increase my emotional or spiritual ‘bank’ as you explained to me.

What I know is that a very real shift has happened for me. I feel I am beginning to walk my true path and every day I am asking the universe for help.. I have no idea how to solve my current problems (especially financial ones) but I am just putting it out there for support and guidance and remembering to trust that an answer or solutions will come.

In general I am staying much more present and in tune with myself. I actually can’t believe what a massive distance I have come since first contacting you. I have spent years and years waiting for this. My heart is already singing at the changes and hope for the future.

I can’t thank you enough and hope to see you for further work again soon.

Pamela O’Leary, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cairns

I have Fibromyalgia which is a muscular/skeletal condition effecting the whole body including the joints. This means I am in constant pain.
When I went to see Shivany for a Baud therapy treatment I had never heard of it and was apprehensive.
I chose to work on my lower back which had been giving me a lot of pain and made it hard to stand, sit or walk.
After just one treatment I was absolutely amazed at the positive result I felt.
I now go days without even thinking about the pain in my lower back. I am more mobile now and can relax more knowing the pain has eased.
Thank you Shivany

Heloisa Janz, Business Owner, Cairns

Before I met Shivany my life was a complete mess. I was anxious and exhausted. No matter how long I stayed in bed, it was never enough. I was always tired and lethargic. Although I wasn’t awake I felt like I was aware and I could remember my dreams vividly. In the last seven years I wasn’t able to have a deep sleep and everything in my life was on hold. I gone though sleeping test but Doctors couldn’t explain why I couldn’t sleep properly and gave me sleeping tables which only treated the symptoms. I also tried acupuncture and detox diets.
I never had a healing session before and I don’t quite understand what happened during that session but I felt a wave of energy going trough my body, on that afternoon I felt like I could run a marathon and on that night I had the best night of sleeping in a long time. Shivany helped me to understand what was going on with my emotional side and that was what was stopping me from having a good night of sleeping. I knew where I wanted to be but I didn’t know how to get there and Shivany showed my the way.

Natalie Pickett, Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker, Melbourne

Shivany is a generous healer and guide. She has 360* approach, awareness and intention to assist her clients in achieving peace of mind, spirit and wellness. Shivany so easily shares her knowledge and communicates divine wisdom unconditionally. In meeting Shivany my horizons expanded significantly; I learnt simple yet extremely effective techniques for enhancing the body’s energy systems, maintenance of mind, self and gained a clearer understanding of consciousness and how this interacts with the broader world. Thank you Shivany for sharing your light along the pathway.

Carly Davenport, Senior Project Manager for Indiginous Art, Perth area

While in Cairns recently I was most fortunate to have 3 sessions with Shivany which incorporated two incredibly deep healings as well as a session involving forgiveness and a meditation process. I have been suffering with an anxiety issue for a number of years now, and I truly feel there has been a shift for me since my sessions with Shivany. Shivany is a wonderful unconditionally loving person who gives you a safe and secure place to work in. The practical advice given to me to carry on with after the healing sessions will be most beneficial in my spiritual growth. I would highly recommend Shivany to anyone!

Virginie Atrux, France

I would like to thank you again for the long distance healing. I am so happy lately I am sure it is the result of the healing session, I feel so gooooood seriously! It is really good feeling. As I told you I took the decision to go back in France which was not easy and I sometimes still doubt about it but I do recognize that strong feeling and urge to go back. Lots of people and mostly my family think I should stay and should get the opportunity to work in my field while over there and should and should… They don’t really understand my choice based on faith rather than solid projects! I am sometimes scared as well of leaving that peaceful easy life I have created here but I try to ignore all that. My mind said just accept those strong feelings I have! Anyhow, I trust all will be good.

Kevin Jakeman, Financial Director, UK

Meeting Shivany was one of the most memorable things to happen within my life. We met whilst on our honeymoon in Bali purely by chance and I must admit that I had some reservations about taking things further. Shivany helped me to see through the stresses and strains of every day life and enabled me to focus on things that have been troubling me for many years. But not just focus on them but to overcome them.

My spiritual alignment session was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced, it enabled me to free myself of the burdens accumulated over 40 years and to enable me to focus on building my life on from here. Having felt the power of myself and feeling of enlightenment is something I will never forget.

The meditation methods were amazing too, by the sea in Bali was very special. The introduction into yoga was something I never expected to be doing but the difference after doing the class with my flexibility was amazing. I am not a spiritualist and was not looking for any answers but having been brought together by the paths we had taken surely was a blessing. I always wondered what Spirit was, Shivany has unlocked this from within me, you should give her a try yourself.

Leinne Jarvic, Financial Controller, London UK

Spa Village has been the most amazing and fulfilling experience, at a time in my life when I was feeling completely burnt out and feeling anxious, caused by a long list of stressors, related both to work and to personal matters. I was lucky to arrive when Shivany was staying here as a guest therapist. She has truly managed to make me feel like a new person, with a lot more energy and with the smile back on my face. She taught me yoga therapy exercises which I already can feel are making a big difference – I feel calmer, more relaxed, happier and in tune with myself. For the first time in 5 years I think I have finally managed to move on from my divorce and to look beyond and ahead in a different way – accepting who I am and love myself.

Shivany has been a real inspiration for me and I am amazed how seven sessions with her have brought me to a new level! Thanks a million! I am so glad I came here. It all happens for a reason.

Rachel Jakeman, GP, UK

As a medical professional I would class myself as being very open minded but also healthily skeptical of various complimentary practices of therapies. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing experiences I had with Shivany. I don’t think it was coincidence that we met Shivany at the spa. I could easily have ignored her brochure but my husband and I decided to meet her each individually and then together for yoga therapy and meditation sessions. There were a number of things from our past life we felt ready to address and felt this was a perfect opportunity on our honeymoon.

The sessions we had were very valuable and we hope to take some of the skills and techniques and knowledge about ourselves back home and implement them in our daily lives. Many thanks to you Shivany

Michelle, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cairns

I was chatting to a friend one day about feeling down and not at all like my normal spritely self, when she started telling me about this wonderful “energy healer” she travels (all the way from Melbourne to Cairns) to see. Alternative therapy was pretty new to me – so she explained the concept, what it had done for her, and helped her to achieve – and I decided it was something I should try ‘one day’.

I didn’t action it straight away as I was determined that I was just being dramatic and that I could sort things out myself. However 8 months later I was feeling pretty much the same way – just ‘blah’ and completely without ‘mojo’ – so I decided it was about time I try the highly recommended energy healing with Shivany. I called 2 days before she was due to head o/s – but she made me feel like it was absolutely no trouble for her to squeeze me in before she left. 10 out of 10 for customer service. I arrived for my session a little unsure of what was about to happen – I certainly wasn’t nervous per say, but I really wasn’t sure of how I was going to go opening up to a complete stranger about what I honestly thought was ridiculous and unimportant – my issues certainly weren’t life threatening!

Shivany made me feel completely comfortable immediately – we had a good chat and then she gave me the energy healing – without even touching my body. I went home and slept for 14 hours! The next morning without question I woke up a bit ‘lighter’ and certainly more hopeful than I had in a long time. And that feeling of positivity continued – it put me back in charge, gave me back my clarity, focus and power – and I made the life changes needed. About a month later, I decided it would be a good idea to go and have a ‘top up’. I am now 200% improved and ‘blazing’….! THANK YOU SHIVANY! I have not stopped telling everyone I know about how great Shivany is and what she can do – she absolutely helped me