Reclaim Inner Peace
VIP Coaching

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a highly conscious professional woman – a teacher, accountant, nurse, entrepreneur, business owner, or you might be working in a corporate environment etc.
  • You know you are intelligent and capable, but anxiety keeps you from your brilliance and running from your potential.
  • You are ready to reclaim your life, realign with your passion and are taking responsibility for your own mental health and happiness.
  • You’re frustrated with yourself for holding back so much, but can’t figure out how to deal with these constant worry thoughts and fear.
  • You’re tired of missing out on life and of pretending all is well and hiding your pain.
  • You’re ready for change, ready to make time for yourself, ready to learn new ways of being and you know that you can’t go any further by yourself.
  • You’ve spent years trying to be strong, fighting the anxiety and you know now that being strong means to accept help. It is not a sign of failure.
  • You’re watching your life speeding by and don’t want to wait any longer. You want so much more out of life if you just knew how to go about it.
  • You are familiar with soul level healing and inner work, are open to energy healing and embrace the body/mind/spirit connection.

You know it’s your time, because…

You’re no longer willing to sit on the sidelines whilst other people live their life, avoiding social situations or good opportunities because you are afraid of getting into a panic attack.

You’re done with tolerating the incessant fear, sleepless nights, constant exhaustion, relentless thoughts and living an uphill battle each day.

You know that medication isn’t the long-term answer to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Your soul is screaming at you to stop putting off living a life full of joy, freedom and meaning.

You’re sick of giving your power away, you want to learn how to stand up for yourself without being rejected, you want to be able to say “no” without feeling guilty.

You’re tired of feeling the dread in your stomach that never seems to quite leave you, of playing it safe, and of constantly criticizing yourself.

And you’re ready to reclaim your relationship with your Self, with your loved ones, you are ready to wake up refreshed and excited about the new day, ready to heal and create a peaceful life that defies limitation.

YOU are not your AnxietyPlus Sized Model  Twirl

You can heal and banish anxiety forever.

But if you haven’t got there yet…



Anxiety and Panic Attacks are symptoms telling you that your body/mind/spirit needs attention. It is not a mental illness. The reasons for anxiety are usually multi layered and vary for each individual.

On a physical level it is the body’s way of saying that it had enough. It can’t take anymore. Stress levels have reached crisis point. Your nervous system needs time out.

On a mental/emotional level chances are you are being dominated by limiting patterns, old paradigms and your personal operating system that create your anxious thoughts.

On a spiritual/energetic level your Akashic records will reveal the negative choices that you have made that will influence you even now.

These include:

  • Life wounds and unconscious memories that are still stuck in your energy system.
  • Powerful ancestral and family patterns that are coded into your DNA and the cells of your body.
  • Deeply embedded religious programming that binds you into guilt, shame and unworthiness.
  • Social and cultural conditioning that slaps you down any time you try and speak up, shine or be different to your culture’s ideal of a ‘good girl’.
  • Rules, assumptions and strategies we use to live life and operate in the world that have been passed down from our parents or our own life experiences that keeps you stuck in fear.


Once we unveil unconscious voices and beliefs from the past that don’t serve us anymore we can reframe the past to empower the future.



You don’t have to live with anxiety any more…

You can let go of sabotaging patterns and unconscious beliefs that create fear and REMEMBER how deserving, powerful and lovable you really are.

You just need support from someone who knows the path and can hold the space for you to go that deep.

You need to find a guide who can not only help you clear those unconscious beliefs, but who knows how to help you reactivate and reawaken your para-sympathetic nervous system.

Someone who can help you shift into trust and relaxation and get you rewired for your dream life.

Someone who can teach you effective tools and techniques tailor made for you to master your negative thoughts, find inner peace and feel good about yourself again.

Someone who will believe in you, in your ability to turn your life around and will never doubt you, limit you or put you in a box.

Someone who’s had the courage to confront her inner demons, who has already been through it all and knows without doubt that it is worth it and is now living a great life.

Are you ready to

Heal once and for all and make anxiety something from the past?

Unplug from old patterns and paradigms that hold you back?

Upgrade your reality in amazing ways?

Then Let’s Speak…

If you know you’re ready, then click below to apply for a “Reclaim Your Life” conversation with me:


  • We’ll look at where you’re stuck and what you really want your life to look like instead.
  • We’ll identify some of the core patterns and programs that seem to be holding you back.
  • I’ll then tell you more about my VIP coaching options, and we can decide if this is your next best step – and if we’ll be a good match to work together.
  • If it is, we’ll decide on the coaching program that will best support you.
  • I have both virtual and in person packages available, so we can work together no matter where you are in the world.


Please note, this opportunity is NOT for you if:

  • You’re unwilling to invest in yourself in order to get the transformation you desire.
  • You want someone to come along with a magic wand and fix you instantly.
  • You don’t want to take any action or stretch yourself – you want everything to be handed to you without you putting any effort in.
  • You want someone to give you all the answers without developing and trusting your own intuition.
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, or believe that YOU have the power to change your life.
  • You want to stay stuck where you are rather than take a leap and go through a transformational journey.



My clients have experienced the following

  • Increased confidence and a sense of personal power
  • A regular good nights sleep, waking up happy and excited
  • Freedom from Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Being able to drive, leave the house and enjoy social activity
  • More joy and spontaneity
  • A challenging boss being replaced by someone more fun to work for
  • Leaving a soul-sucking job and embarking on an adventurous new lifestyle
  • Feeling more empowered to handle family challenges
  • A ‘stuck’ marriage healing and finding deeper intimacy
  • Able to move forward from a challenging ex / marriage
  • Making changes in their businesses to honor their free time and have more fun
  • Finding Forgiveness for self and others
  • Feeling more connected in to their heart and with their divinity

If you know it’s your time for a breakthrough – I really look forward to receiving your application and speaking soon.

With love